Saturday, August 18, 2007

More fun with the hobie

Last week I went sailing up at bear lake. Today, I went sailing with my brother. I think the first lesson I learned today is that I need to get up earlier. If I get to the lake and the wind is already blowing pretty well, I've wasted that good sailing time.

Another lesson I learned is to make sure I secure the tiller extension arm before travel. The extension arm that makes it so you don't have to be sitting on the back edge of the boat the whole time in order to steer. The extension arm also costs $80, so if you drive out of the bear lake marina without securing it that's what the replacement is going to cost you.

I'm pretty sure it's a mistake that only has to be made once.

Other than that I've used silicone to cover the cracks in the starboard transom that were leaking so I should be good at least until the end of the season.

I bought some spare parts at my local Hobie dealer. I picked up some shackles lest I lose one while rigging the boat. I also got a new wind indicator. Apparently the flag decided to fall of of my old one between where I stepped the mast and where I put the boat in the water. Go figure.

I'm not sure how much this boat will end up costing me, but I'm pretty sure it will be worth it.

The adventures of Baron Munchausen

I'm watching this film right now. One of my favorite lines is from Baron Munchausen when speaking of the turks:

"They are inviting us to defeat them... We must ablige them!"

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

DDR Again

Today I played DDR for the first time in months. A friend of mine wanted to get StepMania and was having all kinds of trouble finding songs for it. She came over and I got her setup with the songs and then I proceeded to give myself a beating on the dance pad.

The last time I really played much DDR was last December. I was scoring low and breathing heavy. Too bad, I was getting pretty good before.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sink and sunburn

Thursday I took my hobie out and I made two mistakes. I discovered the first one about 200 feet out from the dock at deer creek. I noticed the boat was riding a bit low and didn't really know why it was performing so badly. I suddenly realized I had forgotten to put in the drain plugs. I usually give the matter of jumping off of a perfectly good boat in the middle of a lake some thought, but I figured this was a situation where I didn't want to waste too much time thinking about my options. The fact that the boat tilted sharply, submerging the end of the trampoline, when I crawled toward the back also helped me commit to jumping in.

We took on enough water for the boat to ride four inches low once we got off of it. I'm not sure how many pounds of water it was, but it felt like a significant amount. We got back to the dock just in time to catch a few people there. They were kind enough to help me drain my hulls by pulling the boat onto the dock and tilting it such that all the water would run out. The left hull was draining fast for a full 5 minutes.

Another mistake I made was not putting on sunscreen. It was overcast and didn't feel like I would burn all that much. The one thing I forgot is that I could burn with sufficient exposure to a full moon. Strictly speaking I wasn't that badly burned. The only part that was really bad was the tops of my feet. I went for the sandal strap burn pattern. Once I acquired the burn I quickly realized that these sandals were all I was going to be able to wear for a few days.

My roommate suggested aloe vera lotion instead of gel. I've used about half of a bottle and I think its helping my burns quite nicely. I base this observation on previous experience with the many sunburns I have had in my life. The only thing I don't understand is why it is that sunburns take so long to develop. I was feeling fine when I got out of the sun. It was just over the next 3 hours that my burns developed into the painful things that they are. Go figure...

The biggest loss from all of this was that I wasn't able to go sailing today as I expected my burns were going hurt too much. It also doesn't help that I'm still sore from stepping the mast on thursday. It took four tries to raise it. I never supposed that rigging a hobie would be so non-trivial.

Political Impact

A strange thing happened a few weeks ago when I declared my departure from political parties. Right after I finished writing that I went to give blood. I was denied because my blood pressure was 160/110.

Funny thing that. I guess I get a little worked up about these things.