Friday, January 05, 2007

How political thinking in utah works

This morning I was thinking about it and realized that my car was hit right under my Pete Ashdown sticker.

I began channeling the standard utah-party-politics-religion paranoia and was thus led to the conclusion that an Orrin Hatch supporter was subliminally led to drive poorly in the Dan's parking lot!

That's it! Republicans don't think democrats should drive decent looking cars!

I'll show them. I'll support legislation that bans business owners from writing off those nice cars they lease. We all know that ALL republicans are business owners so I'll be able to stop them from having nice cars too!

The only trouble is that it won't stop there...

Next week when I get an oil change I'm going to have to make sure that it's a good democrat that does it. If I let a republican do it who knows what they'll sabotage on my car!

You see, those republican business owners want me to do my part in saving the economy by buying things I don't need. Like say, a new car.

The really devious part of it all is that you know the major car companies are run by republicans. That's the real reason they want me to buy a new car. It's all about selling their wares!

Retarded isn't it?

You can't have a reasonable discussion if you're competing with thinking that is on this level. If you don't believe me just wander around the conventions of both political parties and listen in on a few conversations.

If you're not with us you're a heretic.

Who suffers from this? The citizens.
Can you participate in the parties without getting sucked into it? Not really.

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