Sunday, February 18, 2007


I have been talking to a fried who has had some legal trouble within the jurisdiction of holaday city.

Between this and the legislature being in session it has caused me to ponder what is going on with our laws. They're pretty messed up.

I think it's a matter of broken trust.

We as citizens need to be able to trust all three branches of our government.
We need to trust the legislative that it will pass laws for our benefit, but not to the point of controlling us and our behavior.

We need to trust the executive that the police officers that are doing enforcement are doing so for our benefit and not for selfish reasons of having power over others.

We need to trust the judicial that it will take the time to understand the intent of the laws and that there may be real justice for all; both for the accuser and the accused.

Finally, these branches of government need to trust that the people they serve (for they exist only to serve these people) are capable of doing what is best for their own lives or living by the consequences of their actions.

I have come to the realization that what really has gone wrong is that this trust is broken.

The legislature doesn't trust that we can be aware enough to be responsible for our selves so they pass laws that make decisions about personal liability criminal infractions.

We no longer trust the legislature that they are listening, and that our representatives understand the proper role of government.

We no longer trust our law enforcement that they will respect our rights as citizens.

We no longer trust our judges that they will, with full fairness, consider the law or even be available without great expense.

Most of all, we no longer trust each other.

How many of us are there that will have a conversation with our neighbor before seeking for remedy by calling the police?

How many of us seek to change annoying behavior by having a law passed?

How many of us will try to force someone to change because we think what they are doing is foolish?

I firmly believe that every person has the ability to determine for themselves what is right for them. I also believe that it is not the place of government to stop someone who is on a path of self-destruction; it is possible that trying to force them to stop may perpetuate it further. It is the place of the people in the community to reach out to those that are harming themselves by their actions.

I don't think people in this country understand what it means to be free anymore, or what it requires. Many don't believe they can allow others to be entirely free because they don't trust anyone to use freedom responsibly.

The trust in all directions has been broken.

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