Thursday, June 23, 2011

Configuring skype connect with FreePBX

Today I have been fighting my way through configuring skype connect with my PBX. Skype connect is a feature that allows skype calls to be terminated to a SIP based phone system. Skype charges a small monthly fee per channel to do this termination.

There were no configuration guides available for setting this up with FreePBX so I just played with the settings until I got something working without having to enable anonymous sip calls in.

Trunk Name: skype-trunk
Peer Details:

User Context:
User Details:

Register string:

The User Context value isn't terribly critical. I had it set to "anonymous" since the calls coming from skype come from, but I felt like it was easier to identify the channels by using the userID skype provides. Also, the userid and secret are not skype credentials. They are values provided in the skype manager as your sip credentials when you sign up for skype to sip trunks using the skype connect service.


Anonymous said...

Great Post. Outgoing calls is working. but what about incoming calls, i'm getting troubles with incoming calls, calls disconnect after ring one time

Anonymous said...

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