Saturday, July 29, 2006

Democratic family reunion

Today I'm going to the Democratic party family reunion. It should be interesting. Those who follow my blog will recall that I am less impressed with any groups of late. All I really want is constitutional government, but that seems to be just a little too much to ask. This makes me unsuitable for most polite conversation in either the republican or democratic parties.

One issue still on my mind is that I still want to sue the state of utah over their selection of diebold voting machines. It's hard to have confidence that your vote is going to count if the systems involved are known to have vulnerabilites. It's just too bad that the people in charge of selecting the equipment were more interested in listening to their vendors than to the citizens. Last year there was a meeting for people to give public input on the matter. I didn't hear anyone speak in support of Diebold who wasn't on their payrol. It makes me sad that vendors have the ability to wine and dine our officials to the point of ignoring public input.

These days it seems that if you care enough to say something you are labeled an extreemist. Pretty dangerous since we're soon going to see a day where extreemist=terrorist. That's right, people are likely to be terrorists just for questioning their government.

I can only imagine that some day in a bout of irony we'll submit the declaration of independance to the US Government as they turn into the same opressors that the British were in 1776.



Rob said...

Good points Shaun. I guarantee you that the Utah Democratic Party is concerned.

The Davis County Democrats new campaign office in Kaysville is an old bank. In the door there is an mail collector made by Diebold that dynamite couldn't penetrate. It made me remember a time when security really did matter.

I will get back to you this week.

It was good to see you yesterday.

Bob said...

Diebold makes the ATMs and the vault door at my Credit Union.


DemDiva said...

It is always good to see you and to hear your point of view. Keep it up, we need you!