Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New: Bi Weekly Posts!

So I'm a little busy... I'm not sure how it happened. I now try to find nights to get together with some of my friends. Though, I'm definitely going upstairs for Bob's shindig on Thursday. If I recall correctly he's celebrating his 10,025th day of life. If that isn't a good reason for a party I think you have way too high of standards for reasons to have parties.

At my job I'm leaving I'm getting hylafax setup to do serious incoming fax serving. It's a nice piece of software. At my other job I was able to order LispWorks. Lisp is officially my favorite language. Every day I learn more about it and it just keeps getting better.

I also spent time with iTunes again. I got some more music from The Hush Sound, We Are Scientists, The Strokes, and Arctic Monkeys. I love the "People who bought this also bought these..." part of iTunes. I never knew who the hush sound and we are scientists were until the other day.

I think I'll grow a beard.

I never thought I would start to neglect my blog because I started getting more of a life. Heck, I may even do some more dating! Now just to ask out women I can have conversations with. It would help if I had more to talk about.

Last weekend I went to the Spiritual Summit my singles ward was having. I drove up with this girl I had gone to highschool with. There wasn't much conversation. Granted, I was guilty of not having much to say. I have what I like to call my DDS (droning defense system). It kicks in right after I say that work is going well and that I like it. I've developed it to save the people I talk to from hearing too much about how great lisp is and how nice it is compared to things they know nothing about. Once I get that out of the conversational options I'm left with my political views. Goodness knows that's something else that doesn't make me any friends...

Last week I told someone that I believe that our nation is going to crumble just like the nephite nation did before christ's coming in the book of mormon. I also cited the sources of why I believed this. I'm starting to think that latter day saints are looking for the signs of christ's return and all the mormons are sitting around saying all is well in Zion.

Now, I've gone and said something unpopular. I'll run with it. I've got plenty of unpopular things I believe. I was commenting on Al Gore's "An inconvenient truth" one day. I called it "An even more inconvenient truth". Global warming is part of the signs of upheaval that are to come before christ comes. We'll have famine, pestilence, plague, and murder. Most of all, christ is going to come back before global warming has a chance to kill us off.

For those of you still reading... I have the most unpopular thought of all. We have departed from the lord's ways in our country. The constitution was set up to keep the government out of as much stuff as possible. The Lord's plan is that of agency and free choice. The proper place of government is that of maintaining order and providing for the common defense of people. Our government is running away from us. Now our government wants to watch us and make sure it's safe from the very people it ostensibly is there to protect. If a government ever has to worry about its own citizens trying to remove it then it is no longer worthy of its stewardship over those people. Today's invasive security for our protection is too similar to Lucifer's plan. Lucifer states, "I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost". How is his plan accomplished? By watching everyone and making sure they behave. The Gestapo and stasi followed this tradition. Now homeland security is in the same position. Will they behave and be constrained by the rule of law? Or will they become the new oppressors? Any bets on whether I'm working my way onto their watch lists by making these comments?

I see the country so many have sacrificed for dying and it's taboo to say so. I see people ignoring prophecy as in the days of noah. Our fiction is full of people struggling through dark times, yet we ignore the ominous clouds of our real world we live in. May we see how much our situation is like that of those that have gone before us.



Danubis The Concise said...

Judging by the number of links to scriptures, I'm guessing the spiritual meeting was inspirational? ;)
I do tend to agree with many of your assertions. I also want to tell you to hang in there. Casual conversation is one of the hardest things to do when you have so much of your life dedicated to one subject. I've found that since my involvement in the finance industry, I am lacking for conversation subjects outside work - luckilly I have the wedding to fall back on.
I strongly advise you not to take the same fallback position and talk about your past dates... I actually made that fundamental miscalculation with one girl once. Lemme tell you, the world falling apart and brimstone raining from the heavens would be more pleasant than the akwardness of that evening.

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