Thursday, March 08, 2007

Interesting news about bad behavior or "I'm shocked! Well, not that shocked..."

Last friday morning at 11:01 I got an interesting text message from Bob.

"Sarahbellum has been asked to stop blogging by the company. See her blog or mine."

I worked with Sarah until just over a month ago. Now, I really don't like working for companies that show signs of retardation and I must say that Protherics is just such a company.

I am not surprised that they asked her to stop blogging. It fits right in with their general way of doing things that can be best summed up thus:

"Lets not tell anyone what's going to happen and when we decide to roll something out lets do it so fast that we can't take time to avoid mistakes."

I don't put up with this kind of retarded behavior in the companies I work for. If a company starts getting too retarded I start sending out my resume.

I must admin though, I am biased. After all, I did leave.

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