Monday, March 05, 2007

Thorw a snowball day!!!

I just noticed Bob's post commemorating throw a snowball day.

Today is the 237th anniversary of the Boston Massacre where some people threw snowballs at British troops and were shot in return.

Some part of me wants to go throw a snowball at some TSA people. Nothing like a reenactment involving the latest oppressors to celebrate those that misbehaved before us.

If you think about it this isn't so different as it may appear. At the time they were throwing snowballs at representatives of their current legitimate government.

I wonder how fast would I be beaten and tried as a terrorist if I tried throwing snowballs at TSA staff today?

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Bob said...

I could of told you how to find some without traveling to the airport.

We have them present at the end of most Jazz games, by the back door. They check the team(s) that are headed straight to the airport.