Friday, February 17, 2006


Yesterday I went sledding at Creekside Park. I finally got to use that 2 man raft I bought a few months ago. There is a lot of fun to be had. I remember catching air off of a friend of mine a few years ago up in the hills behind deer valley near the Guardsman's Pass area. I marked it using my GPS so you can take a look for yourselves. It's at 40.604638N 111.494166W.

We entered the area from the north. I have never gotten to the bottom of the hill on the east side (It's just too steep). While the hill on the west side is where I recorded a speed of 36Mph on a $7 toboggan (but that's another story).

I was going down the eastern hill when I came upon my brother and our friend picking themselves up from a failed attempt at a tandem run on a saucer. My brother saw me coming and managed to jump out of the way, but our friend Greg wasn't so lucky. In an attempt to reduce his impact profile he laid down. While this avoided an impressive impact he also made a very good jump. Jumps are fun, but they get really exciting when they are your friends. You may well imagine that I lost control at that moment... Because I did. Then again, how many people can really say they've gone off of a man made jump?


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