Saturday, February 11, 2006

My other blog

Last week I posted my current thoughts on my dating situation. Last night I was talking to a friend of mine. I was trying to express to her what I am thinking and doing in my current lack of dating life. After a few minutes of expressing myself poorly I took her to last week's post. It was really nice to effectively say, "I've thought about this already... I even published my results for peer review".

I find that writing is a very good way for me to clean up my thoughts. Most of the times the ideas that flow in and out of my mind make full sense to me, but are still only partially formed. They haven't been checked for accuracy or for legitimacy. As I write I have to organize them. What's more, I have to give them some form of flow that leads from one topic to another.

Writing is an exercise for the mind. Writing software is a practice in correctness and with imagination. Writing like this is an exercise in expression of meaning. That is one area I know I need to improve in.

My hope is that my writing will improve as I do more blogging. I only hope that my way of expressing myself generally improves as a side effect.


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