Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm weak

I think I have a Lisp problem. It started out so innocently. Just a little poking around here, a little reading there. Then I bought a book. I got a copy of ANSI Common Lisp last year and looked at it on and off. Later I started applying some of the interesting things I learn about in lisp to other languages. Then, Friday night, I ordered a copy of Practical Common Lisp.

I just can't leave it alone now. I keep wanting to play with lisp code. Then I want to start writing programs in Lisp. Sure I've got the REPL figured out, but that's not enough. I even started writing an IDE that provides multiple tabbed edit windows and a CLisp REPL on the bottom. I'm writing software to make learning lisp easier.

It doesn't help that this is the way I learned C. Playing a little here and there. Editing example programs. Suddenly I just was able to write programs as I thought of them. Now I'm expecting the same thing to happen with lisp.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... My name is Shaun, and I am a Lispaholic.


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slobodan said...

Wellcome to the club