Friday, May 12, 2006

Gone too long

Last week was pretty exciting. Thursday I talked to my uncle about some networking he needed done. We decided that I would drive up on Saturday with my cousins, do everything Monday and Tuesday, and fly back Tuesday night.

As trips go it was nice. I was going to go camping last weekend to get out for a while. The goal was to get out of town. I think Seattle was a nice step up from that. It was really nice to spend some time doing something different. At least similar things in a different place.

Since my last post I've made more enhancements to my condorcet vote counter. I also got a DDR pad and an adapter to use it with Step mania. Playing it is a fine way to realize just how out of shape you are.

I think that about covers everything since my last post. Hopefully I'll have some new interesting code to write about soon. That part is always fun.


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