Friday, October 27, 2006

Living in Officespace

One of the companies I work for moved a couple of months ago. Until this happened I didn't fully appreciate how bad cubicles can be.

I remember a day when I had an office (shared) with a door that could be closed. It was beautiful. I could close the door, listen to music, and concentrate.

Those were good days... Days where you wern't privy to adjacent telephone conversations. Days where serious thinking could get done.

Mind, that isn't to say I can't concentrate now. Just the other day I managed to concentrate on something for a full 10 minutes before being interrupted. Not by a direct question. No, it was just a near by distraction.

With a little hard work at night maybe I'll be able to get one of my KCS projects to a point where I can start charging for services. That would be a fine improvement over the multiple jobs I have.

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