Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New projects need new stuff

Yesterday morning when I was configuring a new phone system for my cousin I noticed something. There were many times when I would type something on the keyboard, but not all the letters would come out. All the keys still work, but they only seem to work 90% of the time.

It probably doesn't sound too bad, but when you type as much as I do and you find yourself correcting errors every couple of minutes in things that you know you typed correctly it gets old. This isn't a new problem. It's been a little funny for a couple of years, it's just that I haven't worried about it. I didn't use my Linux box that much.

Yesterday, I was having trouble with the Enter key. That's just not cool.

While I was out for lunch I stopped by CompUSA and picked up a new HP multimedia keyboard.

It was surprisingly hard to find this. All I really want is a classic 105-key keyboard. With the home, insert, delete, etc... buttons in the right place. I really don't like those ergonomic keyboards. Don't even get me started on remapping the function keys with the F-Lock.

I've been using computers long enough to remember my family getting a 386DX with 4MB of ram and thinking that was a great upgrade. I know what I like. With any luck vendors will continue to produce it.


PS: Before the 386 we had the IBM AT. That was fun...

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securemouse said...

I miss my PS2 (486/25 2 megs of ram). Upgraded it to 4 megs at one point.