Monday, November 06, 2006

Carrie Dickson

I'll be voting for Sherrie Swensen tomorrow. It's not that I'm really pleased with her attitude on security, but she's not as bad as Carrie Dickson. With any luck in another 4 years we'll get someone with a background in security to run for clerk.

Last spring Bob and I went convention hopping. We went to the county conventions for both the democratic and republican parties. We also went to the state democratic convention. We would have tried for the state republican convention had they been on the same day.

The reasoning? We may be voting for some of the republicans.

Bob took his video camera to the republican convention and took video of me asking Carrie Dickson some questions about the security of electronic voting machines.

The audio for my questions isn't that great. For what it's worth I didn't realize he was filming until part of the way into the conversation.

My first question was about what will be done to assure the security of the voting machines. My last question that is hard to hear is what could be done to make the electronic voting machines tamper evident.

I was not very impressed with her responses. Yes, there is an oath of office, but just because a politician promised not to do anything bad doesn't mean there aren't those that will disregard such promises. She also referenced that there was an agreement signed that clerks would not tamper with the machines. In my view this precludes security auditing that is part of the reasonable due diligence process I would hope every clerk is going to go through.

Finally she says that we must remember that the security of voting systems is "only as good as your officials word".



Anonymous said...

I talked to her at a Meet the candidate event at a senior center. Not only was she rude and attacked Sheri Swenson on a personal note, she did not answer MY questions on Voting Machines in a satisfactory manner. She implied that there were only two systems available, and the Lt. Governor chose the best one. From what I understood, the Lt. Governor has some stock interests in Diebold. I also asked her about the security isses regarding "hacking" into the system and she stated that the machines are "hack proof." ?
I don't have this on tape, but despite my ripe old age, I believe my memory is still intact enough to hear bullshit and remember it.
I voted for Sheri during early registration. And, if the machine is indeed hackproof, my vote will go to retain Sheri.

The Cartel Cryer said...

You cannot trust this lady. She is a stooge.