Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Embedded work

While lappy was gone I spent some time working to set up an embedded linux environment. I compiled up a kernel, built busybox, and installed bash on a little compact flash card.

It's pretty cool. The goal is to get an embedded erlang environment running on it.

It didn't take too long. Once I rememberd that you can only open /dev/console when /dev/console exists things really came together. It only took an evening to compile the kernel and get the other utilities in place.

It's hard to get much more basic than this when running linux.

This all reminds me of the days when I worked at Century Software. Embedded linux can be fun. I hope to have time to do more of it.


Davse Bamse said...


Did you have get the erlang env. running? And just how small is you system? Space/Ram/CPU?


Shaun said...

I ended up not using that system, but I did get erlang running on the Omniflash by

I used a USB flash drive to give it enough space for all the binaries. I unpacked the packages from the debian ARM port to get a working erlang.

If you wish to email me further about this you can find my address associated with my PGP key on key ID 980F35D5.

Chris said...

Hi! Nice blog.
Did your embedded Erlang worked without the USB flash drive? I mean: did it fit into the "inner memory" of the board?