Saturday, January 21, 2006

Comedic Devices

I have this friend who I participate in advanced nonsense with. Advanced nonsense is when you could have an entirely normal conversation, but instead you make points that would confuse people and otherwise make their heads hurt. Tonight we had some good ones.

Just before going home I watched a few episodes of Scrubs with Andy. I had never seen it and it seems to be a pretty funny show. After we finished watching it I commented that it didn't seem to have a laugh track. At this Andy pointed out that many shows today are moving away from the laugh track, except as a comedic device to be funny.

I can only hope that someone else could appreciate why I found that so funny or even the pained look I got on my face as I tried to process what was really said. Advanced nonsense is a great hobby, you just have to be really smart to do it well.

Super Nerd

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